Visitor Management Solution

Create a Safe and Secure Environment with Our Visitor Management

Visitor Management Solution

In any commercial organization there may be a number of personnel visiting an organization, some maybe the workers of that organizations while others maybe vendors, suppliers, customers, general visitors etc. To ensure security a company must ensure that only authorized persons are allowed into the premises. Security comes through identifying the persons visiting the organization. VMS generates an audit able record of all the visitors, deliveries, contractors, VIPs, and other guests who access your facility.

The VMS is a complete, turnkey visitor management solution using advanced biometric/RFID technology to authenticate and provide temporary credential to visitors at any organization where the safety and security of the occupants is a concern VMS aims to identify the visitor using his fingerprint/RFID cards impress thus ensuring that only authorized personnel are allowed access to premises.

How does the Visitor Management System work?

  • Step 1: If Visitor carries his NIC, system can scan and save the information using Bar Code reader.
  • Step 2: Enroll the user’s fingerprint/RFID card for granting access to floors, rooms areas where access control devices are installed. Using the VMS Digital Building plan mapping, allow visitors to access the portion of building for which he requires right. Give access by period.
  • Step 3: If devices are installed at all control areas, identify and locate the visitor by searching his last logged entry into an area. Reports and Analysis: The VMS simplifies full reporting and auditing of visitor activities and stores your reports in a secure database. You can instantly display photos of all visitors in your building. You can also sort your reports by visitor type, visitor name, visit date, etc. You can create your own customized reports easily with just a few keystrokes

Features and Benefits

  • Quick processing of visitors at reception
  • Analysis and Audit trail of visitors accessing a premises.
  • No need to re-register frequent visitors.
  • Maintains secure record of all visitors.






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