Human Resource Management System

HRMS: Automates HR tasks, improves employee productivity, simplifies

HR processes,and streamlines communication.

Human Resource Management System

ICIL Technologies also provides HRMS as part of its proprietary ERP. The solution offers a modular approach with the following modules.

  • Recruitment.
  • Personnel.
  • Time Management.
  • Payroll.
  • Appraisal.

ICIL Technologies is experienced in enterprise software development. We design and develop web solutions, ERP, HRM and CRM Systems for enterprises in different industry domains. We offer a universal approach to installation, support and updates of our customize software taking into account the specificity of customize solution. Our solutions are highly secure and include advanced differentiation of access rights to ensure data safety and confidentiality.


  • This module manages the recruitment cycle of a company. The features include
  • Raise Demand for hiring of a personnel.
  • Capture the Job description for the vacant post.
  • Capture details regarding demand i.e. experience, education, specific skills
  • Facilitate the HR department in scanning the databank for possible candidates whose details are available
  • Allow HR department to raise demand for advertisement in relevant media
  • Capture details of applicants applying for the post.
  • Schedule Interview with relevant department.
  • Capture details/remarks of Interview.
  • Allow Interviewer to input his remarks regarding the applicant.
  • Prioritize applicants for further short listing and final decision.
  • Provision for printing of interview letters, offer letters and appointment letters.


  • Appraisal Type
  • Rating Scale
  • KPI Categories
  • KPI Pool
  • Work Order
  • Dual Approval


  • Provision for printing of joining report.
  • Allow for capturing of all information of hired staff.
  • Allow for capturing of all information of hired staff.
  • Provision of capturing of photo.
  • Loan application facility.
  • Salary package definition.
  • Printing of all kinds of reports like department-wise active employee list, department-wise separated employee list.

Time Management

  • Setting up of attendance types i.e. present, late, half day, outstation etc
  • Setting up of working calendar for the month and specifying holidays i.e.Defense Day, Independence Day (all public holiday).
  • Setting up of late and deduction policies.
  • Shifts setup.
  • Teams setup.
  • Provision for marking of manual attendance.
  • Leave application processing
  • Electronic Overtime tracking, approval and processing process.
  • Department Attendance summary report.
  • Employee-wise Attendance report.
  • Overtime Attendance report
  • Adjust deductions.
  • Duty roasters
  • Employee leave Status.


  • Setting up if Income Tax slabs.
  • Setting up of salary payment modes.
  • Setting up of loan and advance types
  • Capture fuel rates
  • Salary breakup type definition
  • Salary head type definition
  • Payroll integration with GL Setup.
  • Employee salary breakup definition
  • Salary posting for the month.
  • Loan Application Processing and disbursement.
  • Provision for printing of Payslips, bank letters for direct salary account transfer.
  • Payroll branch-wise
  • Loan details






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